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Monday, February 2, 2009

Many Firsts - pt 3

Our kids' 1st Wedding
Jonathan & Dawn's wedding also took place in Holland MI. It was extra special because he was the 1st of 3 sons to get married and provided us with our 1st daughter!! Jonathan graduated from Grand Valley State University with honors, having majored in Chemistry & Health Sciences, with an emphasis in Micro-Biology. He is now working in the financial world, a positive in the midst of our country's economy crisis. He works with individuals & businesses—401K's, IRA's, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, etc.
They spent a lot of time star gazing when they were courting. We had the most awesome night views when we lived in MI—bordered by forest on two sides and in a rural setting where there were no city lights to compete with the darkness of night. I'd never seen so many stars in my life—the sky would be thick with them, making it easy to spot the constellations—it was also thrilling to see many shooting stars.

Isaiah 40:31

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