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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So VERY Scrabable!!

Of course we're going to scrap our precious grandsons. They are my most useful subjects, second only to OUR sons! Then there are special events, my hubby, and friends/relatives. and THEN, there are the photos that just BEG to be scrapped. The oh so darling & delightful Abigail, premie daughter of a young friend of ours... who is a camera HAM -- she absolutely LOVES to have her picture taken!! and really hams it up in front of the camera. Both her and our grandsons are featured in these four layouts.
Critter Farm
credits: Farm Daze, Animal Crackers Base and Zoo kits by MagsGraphics, font - CK Kolette
Grampa & Boys
credits: Treasured kit and PhotoMask#1 by Binty Designs, font - CK Kolette


credits: Easter Grab Bag by Binty Designs, font - CK Kolette
Isaiah 40:31

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Family Heritage

We had a wonderful vacation in March visiting family. You'll be seeing alot of layouts with our grandsons! Meanwhile, here are a couple using Red Ivy Design's kits. My mom was excited about finding an OLD family photo online of the Mincemoyer Clan (my gramma around 3yo & Great Gram & beyond!). She also had a framed oldie of my Great Gram and all her kids (my Gramma before she married & my great aunts & uncles). This inspired my 1st real "vintage" scrapbook layout.
Gramma & Great Gram
  credits: Blue Eyes AddOn & PhotoMask Vol3 by Red Ivy Designs
font - CK True Type
And then, our morning out at Big Red to watch the sunrise. Still a bit nippy, but spring is in the air!! Thought it was kinda cool how we ended up matching the lighthouse. I've had tons of fun using the panorama (auto-stitching!!) feature in my new Sony Cybershot HX5V & really liked the results of the harbor. Got a great one of the sunrise (not shown here).

Holland MI - Big Red
 credits: Cheery kit by Alice at Red Ivy Designs
font - TypoUpright BT 
Isaiah 40:31

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

my avatar

just uploading here so i can link to some forums. i don't belong to a photo sharing site yet.
credits: Inspire & You're So Lovely kits by Alice at Red Ivy Designs
Heart Brushes by Hawksmont; fonts - Bradley Hand ITC, French Script MT, Algerian & Times New Roman
Isaiah 40:31

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Snapshots in Time

Father-Son look-a-likes!
fonts - AR Carter, Albertus Medium
Isaiah 40:31

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tres Amigos

Used a DARLING kit by Amy at 3 L'il Monsters for this layout (OKC). And of course, her scrapping name immediately prompted memories of MY little monsters (3 of them!) and I was off on a picture hunt. Then, I had the great idea of making MY memories "their" memories. I remembered downloading some bubble art for comics-text... couldn't find it... so did an internet search and learned that PSE has these in their shapes library! Yipee!! So I had fun tweaking them to fit the photos and taking chunks of backgrounds from the pics for the smaller bubbles. This was a FUN layout of our 3 sons who are 3 brothers and friends for life!
3 Brothers

Isaiah 40:31
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