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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Minnesota Backyard

Brrrrr. . . minus 30 windchills. . . Brrrrr!!

Completed the Digitals January 2009 Calendar Challenge (link in favorite forums) with this lovely kit by Amanda Thorderson, "Snowbird" (originally referred to in challenge as "Winter Chill". I had already planned on using snowy pics of our backyard, but didn't know that I'd have some brand new ones to choose from! Two days ago, I was downstairs on my PC when I heard my hubby's frantic cries -- come! come quick!! Not knowing if he had somehow hurt himself or what, I went up the stairs as quickly as I could. . . then heard again. . . "quick, come & see. . . quiet!!" There in the back of our yard, just beyond our row of River Birch trees, were 3 pheasants just walking along without a care in the world. I was SO excited because my camera was right there!! We had a beautiful morning with the tree branches all iced up -- shimmering in the morning light. I immediately called hubby at work to make sure he arrived safely. . . while looking out the front window and seeing that the driveway & walkways were all dry. We had almost zero visibility -- couldn't see anything across the street OR past the tree line in back -- figured out it must be "frozen fog" on the trees. It was gorgeous!! Well. . . back to the pheasants. . . one was very obliging and sauntered into the yard for a closer shot (by the camera, not him! ha!). Then, of course, while bringing this lovely kit into PSE 5 with the photos I had taken, I couldn't leave any of them out. Especially the "frosticles" that were hanging on to the edges of the deck rail/posts and off one of the bush/trees. So, wala! This is the result.
If you haven't yet, go check out the Digitals forum. In my opinion, they have the best challenges in town -- and thanks to them, I'm now actively digi-scrappin' whenever I can (imbetween the systemic/anaphylactic reactions from NRLA and/or MCS and when "in recovery"). When I can't scrap cuz of brain fog (also get zero visibility there!), I can sometimes still point & click to download all the freebies. Please check out the blog list to the right. These are absolutely awesome designers and while many of them have their stuff in stores for purchase, most of them also offer fabulous freebies! Be sure to leave comments if you download. Now that I'm a blogger I know first hand how encouraging those comments can be!!
Other forums with challenges worth checking out are SAS (Stone Accents Studio), Groovy Scraps, ADSDesigners, DSO (Digital Scrapbook Obsession - Kim's Color challenges), to name a few. OH. . . just go check them all out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isaiah 40:31

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