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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Celebrating Life & Marriage

70's Wedding
Celebrating 30 years!
credits:ADSD Choco-Cherry Collab
MagsGraphics -paper, ribbon-
Dawn-Desert Bloom Designs -ribbon laces-
Manda-Disater In Designs -swirly heart paper (pp10)-
Marie-Emcee Scraps -heart cherry bow-
KikkinKreations -alphabet-
Jessie-Stormy Scraps -swirl-
and Silvia Romeo -paper-NYrsDreams-

I finished this 2-page layout just a few days before the Microwave "event" took place. Now, 3 months later, I'm finally getting around to uploading it to my blog and giving you a brief update.
My health is slowly improving -- it's been a very long haul, but things are getting better! I resorted to Alternative Medicine, because the traditional had failed me during the horrific experience this February (see older posts). Nutrient Therapy & Homeopathic Remedies are working very well in helping me become more functional. I've been able to get out & about the last couple of weeks (beautiful spring weather for visiting state & national parks... bird migration very timely!). Anna Salante (see and for her story) has been instrumental in my improvement, along with friends from the yahoo support group LAForum, Parthy (NTP in Eagan MN) and many family & friends' prayers!!
I have another 2-page layout that I just did today! It was tons of fun and brought back SO many great memories. I'll post them asap. Our youngest son & his wife were just here visiting last week -- had an awesome time with them... memories triggered during their visit helped me with these layouts :-)

Isaiah 40:31

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