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Thursday, August 27, 2009

By the River

Most Beautiful Baby - Fiona Marie
I was on a roll yesterday and completed 2 layouts! Yipee! And such a gorgeous subject - she was instant inspiration... one of those "just have to scrap her, NOW!" moments. It didn't take long to find just the right digi-SB kit to complement & contrast the bright orange in her "fruffly" outfit (frilly + fluffy). This was a kit I bought at Brownie Scraps that's been waiting for the right photo to come along—it was an inspirational match by the "Most Beautiful Baby in the World" (grandma Tanya).
I've discovered that the layouts are MUCH easier to create when I begin with an awe-inspiring photo—or—a memory triggering pic... and then look for the kit to use. For the Fiona Daisy layout (previous post), I wanted a Daisy and immediately thought of MagsGraphics kit "Summer Garden". For these photos, I looked specifically for rich colors & elegance—successfully found in Kelly's kit "By the River".
I just love it when layouts fall into place so easily. Thanks Mags & Kelly for your wonderful designs/artwork that made these layouts possible for me!!

credits: "By the River" kit
by Kelly Walker
at DreamersMagicDesigns

font: CK maternal (Creating Keepsakes)

Isaiah 40:31

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