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Saturday, October 10, 2009

100% Bundle of ENERGY!

Ethan at 2 yrs old
Another 2-page layout (top is left, bottom is right)—this time of our rambunctious grandson, Ethan. He turned 2 years old just a couple days after these pictures. We were visiting in Michigan and were there long enough to get a day to babysit. He is such a joy -- SO much energy -- so much fun!!!
Because I'm homebound due to severe NRLA (natural rubber latex allergy) & MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities), we're not able to travel as we'd like. SO... lots of pictures!... the occassional webcam experience... and much inspiration for digital-scrapping. September has been a much better month for me, healthwise... less exposures with DH's current work schedule and less cross-reactive-pollens and less neighborhood lawn-mowing!! PTL! The less reactivity & extended work hours that he's gone has given me more time to scrap.
I've been spending as much time as I can (off & on) working on photos. Old, OLD photos of when I was growing up.. school pics of siblings and even ancient pics of my parents when they were young! Scanning them in has been made fairly easy using the Epson Stylus Photo RX700. It even scans in from slides & negatives (had a few of those to do as well). Then, I go into my photo editing software, PhotoShop Elements (version 5) and clean them up (ie cropping, quick auto-fix color adjustment (sometimes I dont' keep the change because it changes it too much), resizing, etc.). I've also learned how to use the cloning & healing tools... so it's a breeze to coverup the scratches & speckles/spots on the photos... sortof a manual restoration of the photos. Then, I save them as PNG's ("not" jpg's)! I learned awhile back that whenever you make changes to a jpg, every time it's saved, you lose a bit of the quality from the picture. PNG's picture quality is preserved... 5 saves later, you have the same quality you had to start with!
And the dual monitors? It's just as awesome as I thought it'd be—having 2 screens for working on photos & layouts is such a time saver! AND easier on the eyes!! and easier to get creative when can view the pictures AND the pages/elements ("large" mode) at the same time!!
The layouts above also used the "In A Boy's Pocket" kit & wordart by Bianca at Project B Designs. Font is CK Brownie.
Isaiah 40:31

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