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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So VERY Scrabable!!

Of course we're going to scrap our precious grandsons. They are my most useful subjects, second only to OUR sons! Then there are special events, my hubby, and friends/relatives. and THEN, there are the photos that just BEG to be scrapped. The oh so darling & delightful Abigail, premie daughter of a young friend of ours... who is a camera HAM -- she absolutely LOVES to have her picture taken!! and really hams it up in front of the camera. Both her and our grandsons are featured in these four layouts.
Critter Farm
credits: Farm Daze, Animal Crackers Base and Zoo kits by MagsGraphics, font - CK Kolette
Grampa & Boys
credits: Treasured kit and PhotoMask#1 by Binty Designs, font - CK Kolette


credits: Easter Grab Bag by Binty Designs, font - CK Kolette
Isaiah 40:31

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