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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry CHRISTmas!!

2011 was a pretty eventful year for us. We were able to visit the kids & grandkids in MI in early Spring and Summer. Then we had quite an adventure with Roger being emergently hospitalized for epiglotitis over the July 4th weekend. Throw in a week long vacation to the Black Hills, visits from family & friends AND a new puppy ... whew! ... it's no wonder the year just flew by lickity-split!! 

Our newest member is Keiko Dakota (japanese for "blessing" & native american for "friend"). She's now almost 5 months old, weighs 7 lbs and is currently in basic training to be my service dog (I like to think of it as "boot camp", hehe). She's doing really well with basic commands (even "come", which is typically hard for Schipperke's!). So far, she alerts me to sounds AND their locations (which is "huge" for me cuz of my hearing loss)... already knows how to "FIND mommy's epi" & will bring it to me on command. Now just have to get her to understand it's for ME and not her, that it's not a toy!! Eventually, she'll be trained to recognize when I'm in early stage of a reaction and fetch my emergency meds on her own. I'm really excited about it. In addition to her "workload", she's a wonderful companion and is living up to her name :-)

We hope & pray you'll have a Merry Christmas, as we celebrate the birthday of our Lord & Savior, Jesus, & a very Happy New Year!!
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Isaiah 40:31

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