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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ClubScrap PSL 2012 Summer Camp!

I've taken the plunge and am signed up for summer camp -- only it's a lot different than it was 35+ years ago. It's a scrapbooking-challenge camp over at ClubScrap. I'm in the Osprey cabin (no pressure, no deadline... if I can do the challenge, great... if not, just get to have fun doing whatever! it's great!!
This is week 3 and the challenge is to use fibers... I LOVE fibers and have quite a ribbon collection (stash!). I just completed a double-DIGI-spread (see previous posts) and have my work station all setup for cranking out "several" cards... gonna make some valentines (yeah, I "know" it's July!) and some all occasion ones.  Last week the challenge was "Art Media", but I wasn't able to do anything cuz of being in recovery from weekend exposures and ongoing exposures that week from farming chemicals and a few other things that I can't remember unless I look in my daily log (and I'm not going to run upstairs to do that, so for now it'll remain a "mystery").
If you're ready for some scrappin' FUN... here are some ClubScrap links that you might be interested in...
Forum .... SHOP .... Gallery .... CLUBS .... Tutorial Videos .... PSL!!

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