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Thursday, March 7, 2013


It's that time of year... tax preps! Yech! I used to love dealing with numbers & finances... but since my latex allergy & multiple chemical sensitivities went bizerko, they're one of my least favorite things to do. Not sure what would happen if I didn't use QuickBooks Pro and Turbo Tax! Because of the inks & chemicals in the rects, they're problematic for me... so instead of "keeping up" with them throughout the year (like I would like to!), they pile up and then I have to do EVERYthing all at once (... can be mind-boggling & overwhelming! ...).
Well... I have the rects in date order & grouped by month... yesterday I finished imputing the data for 3 months! (actually only 2, but I forgot June was done the previous day, so I thought it was still waiting... so, for me, that's 3!). 
SO, I earned some PLAYTIME!!! and what more appropriate than to use Mags' new kit, Toddler Playground (links below)... and scrap my grandsons' playtime at the park! 
 Playtime -Summer 2011
credits: Toddler Playground digi-kit plus Flairs & Wordart by MagsGraphics

Isaiah 40:31

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