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Thursday, February 12, 2015

In Review and Update...

GREAT explanation from The Environmental Illness Resource HERE​. My MCS began while living in IL - exposure to Kerosene from a portable heater and oil from leaking heat pump in house. At that time it triggered severe allergic reactions (IgE responses, not typical of MCS). It skyrocketed when we moved to MN next to a farm (pesticides airborne, AND pesticides IN the house from previous owners having Orkin spray monthly around and inside the house). Then went to unimaginable levels when a microwave accident emitted plastic chemicals and latex throughout the home, triggering 8 solid days of recurrent anaphylaxis and over. My latex allergy had already gone bizerko in early 2007 (disabling in 2006) and the MCS was remarkably worse. In 2007, I contracted Lyme Disease (it became chronic). By the end of 2008, I could no longer attend church because of the horrible exposures of chemicals from having a large group of people in a confined building (that used TERRIBLE cleaning chemicals, and also greatly contributed to my latex allergy worsening - discovered they were using latex balloons in the main sanctuary during the week!). You can read more about what happened to me on my blog (this post details the MW event that so drastically changed my life:
Through homeopathic remedies and nutritional therapy, I've been able to gradually get part of my life back. Although it requires extremely lengthy research and coordination, I'm able to travel again (but only by car) -- something we thought was lost forever after the 2009 event. The treatments in 2009 also eradicated my lyme disease! This last Fall, we were able to move back to Michigan and now live MUCH closer to family. And while I'm currently exposed to new construction (our 'new' house and one currently 'under' construction next door), I'm better than I was while living in MN. Our house there (and the farm next door) was slowly killing me! Here, the entire main level is carpet-free! I've also learned a whole lot more about the physiology of our bodies and been able to apply what I'm learning (currently taking classes (very slowly) to become a certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner -- which is a true miracle! it's really, REALLY hard work, but SO worth it!!). I've been able to add MANY more foods back into my diet, and as such, my immune system is gaining strength (whole foods are SO MUCH BETTER for you!). I've had an increase in sinus and/or throat infections since our move - but have been able to treat them and heal through 'all natural' means. I'll be VERY glad once the construction is over next door and those exposures no longer affect me.
One thing I've done daily since the microwave accident, is take what I call my "detox baths". I put 1/2 to 1 cup baking soda in my bath water, along with 1/2 cup epsom salts - and do this immediately before bedtime. When there's been a major exposure, I'll double the epsom salts. Vitamin C has played a GIGANTIC role in reaching where I am today, right along with Vitamin D and other nutritional musts (some are needed in supplement form).
I've been able to find a couple supplement brands that do not use latex gloves in manufacturing their products, and most are also non-GMO. I stock several of these in inventory (have been selling Heel homeopathics since 2010 and nutritional supplements since 2013). Please feel free to email me at janieinMN (AT) comcast (DOT) net, if you have any questions regarding nutrition's role in our health. If I don't know the answer, I will do my best to direct you to someone who does. For a partial list of the products I carry, you can visit my facebook page at I do not have an online store as of yet, but will accept orders via email or phone.
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