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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gonna Rock Around the Clock Tonight....

Nicole just released this fabulous kit, "Rock'n'Love"
This stunning & rocky style kit by Nicole fit Peter & Elise's personalities to a "T". And a 2-page layout took shape. I had SO much fun with the layer effects and opacity settings in PSE 5. There are 5 papers used for the background... can you tell? My favorite effect was using one of the papers that has light & shadows resembling a tree branch... perfect for these pictures as you'll soon see. Varying the opacity created just the right amount of texture & dimension that I was looking for. The awesome elements were just that... awesome! It was just as fun to choose the elements as it was the pictures. And of course, because of the memories of this trip to Red Wing MN when Pete & Elise were visiting in May... 2 or 3 pictures were not enough. After all, it's the pictures that were telling the story of the fun we had that day.
Love Is An Adventure!!

The newlyweds have SO much joy in each other's company—we had a blast taking tons of photos. I tried posting them side-by-side because it's a 2-page layout, but the photos were then too small to be able to see & appreciate all the wonderful accents & highlights from PSE 5 photo-editing effects as well as the nifty papers & awesome elements from Nicole's kit. Head on over to asap to pick up this wonderful kit, "Rock'n'Love"... you'll be glad you did!!
Isaiah 40:31

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