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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

LOTD & 2 Monitors!!

Fiona Elegante & Gooseberry Falls Collage8 both won LOTD (layout of the day) over at GroovyScraps. It's not only fun to get the recognition, but I really enjoy the encouraging comments the members make. For example, when you've spent pain-staking time on an extraction... 'normal' people don't always realize the work that goes into many layouts, but the 'digi-scrapping' community does. Those little pats on the back mean even more with my "restricted" social life (the isolation of living with NRLA & MCS).
TWO MONITORS!!! yipee! I was SO excited about the possibility of using dual monitors for digi-scrappin'! I did my homework, including watching a video on the Dell website... ordered the little adapter (my video card was already set to go... had the input for 2 monitors)... and a new monitor for hubby-dear. When everything arrived, I took DH's old monitor (same exact monitor as mine) and got it up & running in very little time. I chose the 'use as extended desktop' option. IT'S absolutely AWESOME!
South Pacific was the 1st layout made using both monitors -- love the ability to just click and drag photos, papers, elements over to PSE 5... versus the slow snail way of file, open & then navigating thru folders (with extremely limited view). With the 2 monitors, I have file explorer open on one side and PSE 5 on the other. Being able to have the photos open in large view while selecting the papers & elements is such an advantage (I also don't forget what I already have opened). I can even view the digi-kits in the larger filmstrip to see details, etc.
Another advantage is when I'm uploading photos to my galleries. I can click & drag the credits text, or copy/paste SO quickly! With the file open on the left (with the credits info for that particular layout or CT kit), I'm uploading photos on the right. It's so very practical! -- and anything that makes my time more efficient is a must... whether for creativity or daily tasks.
How do we hybrid (hands on) scrap? We have to have this huge table and we spread everything out so we can see what we have and try this & then that several times before our final selection. Dual Monitors have now given me that capability with digi-scrapping! I love it!
So thanks to the digi-scrappin' community and my friend over at LAForum for planting the seed of thought in my head. Another thing that's so great about the 2 monitor setup is reading my email! I can be reading my email on one side and the weblinks open on the other (without losing the email in view!)... no longer have to toggle back n' forth and only see one at a time. It's great!

Isaiah 40:31

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