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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

just checkin' in

haven't had time/energy to scrap or work on photos this past month. have had a few exposures that knocked me down. most time has been spent keeping up with facebook (couple precious premies were born in Sept/Oct that we've been keeping tabs on & and an old friend's husband who's been suffering from SEVERE back problems (pain, surgeries, ETC!) for the last 12 yrs).
have also been doing ALOT of research on vaccinations, focusing on the flu vaccine and the new H1N1 vaccine. it's absolutely horrible what our own govt has been doing... covering up the truth about the vaccines safety, over-hyping the flu/H1N1 and promoting mass vaccinations on populations that these vaccines have been contraindicated for!! (pregnant women & young children!!). more & more reports are being released of adverse reactions to the H1N1 vaccine, including deaths and many miscarriages -- the US sweeps it under the rug by declaring "just a coincidence", when in reality they're doing "real time data collection" for adverse reactions... entire countries of guinea pigs! but, with the internet, the news still gets out -- some other countries have begun banning further vaccines and are doing further studies.
as i was getting more & more skeptical about getting the vaccine for myself and everything i found was supporting the NO vote, i checked with my dr to get his opinion. he agreed with me -- the vaccines would be too dangerous for me. here i've been working SO hard to eliminate the toxins from my body (chemicals, mercury, ETC!), why would i purposely inject more into my body?? it just didn't make sense.
these vaccines contain mercury & formaldyhyde just to name a couple of ingredients -- those two in & of themselves is enough to make me say NO, a thousand times... NO!! i went thru thousands of dollars worth of dental work to get all the metal, amalgams & mercury out of my mouth... and am still working, slowly but surely, to detox the remaining mercury that's in me -- my initial injury took place as a child watching my dad use mercury to separate the gold flakes from his gold panning hobby. i was also exposed extensively to pesticides as a child (campgrounds & military housing). then i almost got killed off by the MWevent of Feb07 (see earliest posts) from the formaldyhyde that was emitted from the melted/burnt plastic dish.
i would urge anyone reading this to PLEASE make an INFORMED decision as to whether you get the seasonal flu vaccine (which doubles your chance of getting H1N1) or H1N1 vaccine... and whether you allow your children to receive the infant/child vaccinations per the CDC schedule. all these vaccinations are designed to attack the immune system and have the high potential of inflicting permanent damage. the efficacy & safety of these vaccines are in question... studies are proving them dangerous... and our government is trying to shove them down our throats. it's a travesty!!
PREVENTION is the route to go!!
Vitamin C & Vitamin D3
washing hands frequently
keep your distance from someone who's sick
keep your distance from other's if you're sick (if able to, stay home if sick!)
Vitamin C & Vitamin D3 (repeated intentionally!)
for more information, here are some websites and a video to get you started....

vaccines & their ingredients - FDA - questions about vaccines

Isaiah 40:31

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