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Friday, February 5, 2010

Dinos, Dinos & more DINOS!

1988 Clay Dinos
I don't know about your kids, but when my boys were growing up they were into all things dinosaur (plus bugs, video games, sci-fi, etc!). In my search for pics of the skeleton models they made (MANY!), I came across the pics of the clay dinos -- all three boys made dinos AND the staging area... watering hole, pathway/road. Many of our science studies centered around dinosaurs in those days. I thought the "hand" was cute -- not sure whose it was, but can you imagine what they were thinking? Was he trying to make sure they didn't run away? or that they'd stay still for the photo? mmm....

1986 Museum Dinos
Then we have the museum pics -- many field trips to the Museum of Science & Industry and the Field Museum of History. Now I've got the names all mixed up & I think I put the wrong one in the layout title!! OOPS! Anyway, they had stuffed animal dinosaurs, skeleton models they assembled of dinosaurs, dino stickers, dino puzzles, dino songs, dino tracks, dinos EVERYWHERE!! Working on these layouts yesterday sure did bring back alot of fun, fun memories. Now they're busy with wives (and one has 2 sons of his own)... and I'm sure dinosaurs will once again roam the earth in their family activities.

credits: DinoMyte kit plus addons by MagsGraphics

Isaiah 40:31

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