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Monday, February 28, 2011


Imagine my delight at having 4 whole days of uninterrupted scrapping! Tagged along with hubby on his business trip and while staying in a studio suite... NO laundry... NO cleaning (except few dishes)... NO phone calls... I had a plan!! Had digital kits from 4 fabulous designers and oodles of time for the creativity ball to get rolling... and it did!!! So, here they all are -- CT layouts for Alison (Milly Dee Designs), Binty (Binty Designs), Mags (MagsGraphics), and Eirene (Eirene Designs).
Jaden - FARMin

Ethan & Jade - Apple PICKin
credits: Old McDonald Farm by Milly Dee Designs, fonts - Myriad Pro

Ethan - reading
credits: Pocket-Sized Rascals by Milly Dee Designs, fonts - SU Casual
Jaden - dec2010
Carter - Halloween 2010
credits: All About You by Binty Designs, fonts - Parchment
Valentines - 2011
credits: Serendipity by Binty Designs, Heart Frames-2009June by Binty and Wooden Alpha by Binty
Ethan - Bug Hunting!
 credits: Bugs-n-Kisses by MagsGraphics, fonts - SU Marker J Low

Dear Heart
credits: Dear Heart by Eirene Designs, fonts - SU CSS Hand

Isaiah 40:31

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