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Monday, January 23, 2012

Absolute BEST distractor!!

Jewel, a black bear up in Ely MN, had her cubs yesterday morning. Today she's been giving us several peeks at her precious cubs (2 confirmed at this point in time). Love listening to them squeek, slurp, squeel, and purr (called chittering... a sound they make when they're contentedly nursing). It's music to my ears. I'm hooked!! And it's only going to get more exciting as they grow!!

Here are a few pics snapped while watching the den cam at

 1ST CUB BORN AT 7:22-24am CST!
see if you can spot the cubs in the following photos??
I've been a huge fan of bears for as long as I can remember. Then began collecting stuffed bears and some ceramics. When my latex allergy went bizerko I finally realized something about my bear collection... they were harboring all sorts of nasties! ... ie latex-cross-reactive pollens, airborne latex proteins (from several years of clowning and working with balloons, from the few years working in a medical setting with latex gloves, from airborne latex-cross-reactive foods)... from the ventilation system constantly recirculating, etc.... also chemically contaminated from the airborne contaminants coming in the house thru air vents, window cracks, etc... living right next door to a farm -- then add to that all the "normal" allergens that have plagued me over the years ... vacuuming my bear collection once a year (or even less!) was not enough. I needed to get rid of them. Once I made that decision, I went around and bagged up ALL the stuffed bears that were left (after I'd done a serious 'weeding' and given several garbage bags away). I felt a sense of urgency and didn't know why! But, I continued in my task... well past bedtime... until ALL were securely bagged and the bags were sealed. Then I went to bed.
The very next day was the day of the microwave accident -- you can read about it here if you haven't already -- -- The bagged/sealed stuffed bears were safe! They did NOT get latex-contaminated or chemical-contaminated... SO, I was able to give them away and donate many. Now, if it can't be 'rinsed' off or washed, it's not among my collectibles. My home is now a MUCH safer environment... due to many changes, not just the elimination of my stuffed bear collection.
Now, it's the REAL thing! Last spring I was hooked to the Decorah Bald Eagle cam... this time it's Jewel's den cam -- the sound of those precious cubs is music to my ears :-)  We have such an AWESOME creator!! Watching the miracle of life unfold right before our very eyes, no matter what the species, is riveting! How much more so, the miracle of human life?
"I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made." Psalms 139:14

Isaiah 40:31

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