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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cubbie Alert!!!

Facebook is a great way to connect with not only friends & family, but the digital-scrapbooking community. DeDe Smith (DesignZ by DeDe) posted an event that's taking place today at her blog  - Easy Peasy Challenge. I've been following the precious little cubbies at Jewel the Black Bear's den cam (see links below) and this was a fun way to scrap the snapshots I took yesterday of those cute critters... also added a couple from February. They were born Jan 22, 2012 and are my new 'addiction' :-)

credits: screen snapshots by janieinMN - Jewel's Black Bear Den Cam
*North American Bear Center –
*Wildlife Research Institite –
DSD 2008 Treasure Hunt by DesignZ by DeDe
HUGE fan of the North American Bear Center and the Wildlife Research Institute's bear study :-)
A long-term study of black bear ecology and behavior is being conducted by the Wildlife Research Institute near Ely, Minnesota, less than 30 miles from the Canadian border.

You can visit the Bear Center's website to watch the live cam feeds and learn more about the history of each bear. Please, consider making a donation at to help with this incredible research program.

Isaiah 40:31

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