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Friday, March 9, 2012

My Life is in HIS Hands

I've had 3 'major' life adjustments where health events have 'altered' my life. Through it all, my Lord & Savior has been there and made HIS presence known in a miraculous way. Before, during & after, HE continues to be my Rock & Salvation. I'm going to briefly share about 2 of them.
The 1st occurred in Dec 1994—when I suddenly lost the hearing in my right ear. I was devastated... bursting into tears, I cried out to my Lord... "what am I going to do?!??!? music is my life!" HE answered immediately and quite clearly, "No, 'I AM' your life. Music is just a tool I've given you." And throughout the remaining years of my music ministry, HIS strength was made perfect in my weakness.
The 2nd event was in Feb 2009—when I was exposed to horrendous levels of latex and plastics chemicals through an accidental microwave fire that melted & burned a plastic food dish. You can read about this more in an older post about that event. I suffered recurrent anaphylaxis for 8 full days (and countless doses of epinephrine (epi-pen & epi-inhaler) and very high dose benadryl, etc). My husband says I almost died twice during that time. The ambulance came twice and I was taken to ER once... but they were NOT able to help me. This is the week that "traditional" medicine (BOTH doctors & drugs) failed me and a couple of dear friends directed me towards a couple of professionals who counseled and brought advanced nutritional therapy & homeopathic remedies into my life. That's another story in & of itself. What I wanted to share with you about this terrible event that catapulted me into further isolation & drastically increased the severity of my disabilities (NRLA & MCS)... when my brain was non-functioning... couldn't even complete a sentence... my speech was uncontrollably choppy... I'd start to say something, getting a few words out... and in the difficulty of speaking those few words would immediately forget what I was saying. I couldn't do anything for myself. The brain fog was overwhelming... nerve & joint pain horrible... lack of coordination & balance frightening... all happening in conjunction with the recurring anaphylaxis. It also triggered a pretty bad flareup of my chronic Lyme Disease. Typing went to the birds... my letters were getting all mixed up as I typed (like dyslexia on steroids! like the word puzzles...), my fingers began taking over... typing words that I was 'not' thinking or using (so strange that I can't even think of any examples!). Twice during that time period, I forgot "HOW" to type and there was one time I forgot "HOW" to play the piano (THAT was really scary!!!). However, with all that was going on in my body & brain (or lack thereof... many brain cells died during that event) -- there was one phrase that remained steadfast, in its entirety, throughout the entire time (and beyond!). I know for a fact, beyond any shadows or doubts, that the LORD put it there and sustained it during that whole ordeal. Even now, HE frequently brings it to mind, along with the memory that I'm alive because of HIS divine intervention! This is the phrase that kept me going...
"Only what's done for Christ will last!"
My prayer for you is that you will come to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. And if you already know HIM, may your faith be strengthened and encouraged in some way this day.
JESUS - There's Something About That Name
Sheet Music excerpt of There's Something About That Name by Gaithers
photo by janieinMN "Rainbow Reflections", Pine River MN
Isaiah 40:31

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