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Monday, August 20, 2012

There's A Mouse In The House

(my FB post this morning)
recently my PC mouse (wired) started jumping all over the screen on bootup (cursor, not mouse :-) -- it's only on bootup, but was driving me crazy... what's going on?? possible virus? mouse failure imminent? hacker? -- so looked up problem online and found TONS... but mainly for laptops & wireless mice. one forum mentioned the led lens, virus, drivers, pad surface, etc. WELL, i put on my readers and was checking to see what mouse it was (system is HP)... WHEN i noticed something sticking out of the lens/ball... i pulled it and MORE came with it!!! MY MOUSE WAS COLLECTING "KEIKO" HAIRS!!!! hahahhahahahhahhahhehehhehehehhe... SO, i pulled them all out & cleaned off the 3M precision 'latex-free' mouse pad ... and we'll see what happens tomorrow morning when i bootup ... i'll betcha the mouse will stay contentedly in its spot til "I" choose to move it ... poor thing... it was suffering INDIGESTION!! hahahahahhahahhehhehehhehehe... (giggle, snort!)...
Isaiah 40:31

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