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Thursday, August 2, 2012

WARNING! Vaccines & Latex Allergy

Vaccines containing latex may be triggering allergic reactions 
to common products, like baby pacifiers.
this is REALLY close to my heart, since i'm disabled with latex allergy. i personally KNOW the extreme dangers -- it is PROGRESSIVE (gets worse with EACH exposure) -- it can become life-threatening at ANYtime! -- and ANYone can develop it!! -- for the CDC to state go ahead and give latex-contaminated-vaccines to an infant, child (ANYone!!) as long as they haven't had an anaphylaxis reaction is LUDICROUS to the extreme!! with all the evidence & studies now available, this is literally playing russian roulette with your child... once you're anaphylaxic to latex, there's NO TURNING BACK!!! i'm now disabled because i didn't know anything ABOUT latex or latex allergy (even when i knew i was latex allergic)... back then, when nurses would ask about allergies (at a dr appt) and i'd reply latex, more often than not i'd get a 'rolled eyes' response. and NO ONE directed me to any info 'about' latex allergy until AFTER it was too late. my latex allergy went BIZERKO in Feb2007 and forever altered my life and that of my family (& friends). that in combination with my severe multiple chemical sensitivities (mcs)  made life VERY isolating... because the ONLY treatment for latex allergy is AVOIDANCE! and avoidance is the #1 treatment for mcs.
PLEASE! do ALL YOU CAN to protect your child against developing latex allergy -- make sure your baby supplies are latex-free (ie pacifiers, bottle nipples, clothing, etc) and don't allow ANYTHING to be injected into or fed to your child that contains latex (meds, vitamins, vaccines.. anything with natural rubber syringe, stoppers, bottle cap droppers, etc WILL contaminate the contents with latex proteins!).
Isaiah 40:31

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